Male på sten/decorations on stones
Kom ind og dekorer nogle sten i din sommerferie/Come and decorate some fun stones and rocks at Plantagehuset in Thisted

Som en sommerferie aktivitet kan du i år komme ind til os i Plantagehuset og dekorere nogle sten til eksempelvis legehuset, sommerhuset eller til at pynte ved postkassen.

Er du mellem 6 og 10 år, så tilmeld dig til to timers hygge med at male på sten.

Are you a little painter, and do you love to paint and draw on things you find? Then we have the perfect match for you! Come to Plantagehuset in Thisted, and make beautiful stone-art, you can paint what ever you want on the stones. Maybe a new stone-art for your driveway? Or maybe you want to make a summer-present for someone.

Are you between 6 and 10 years old – then come and have a nice time with us – and lets make art together.

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